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    Do you plan on creating an Edible Landscape for Humans and/or other Wildlife? ELF wants to give you support!

    If you’d like a Free Edible Landscape Concept Drawing, to help you learn more about what you can grow and how, send a message through the form below or an email to ELF@ELF.Garden. If you include your site address, as soon as possible, you will receive a simple digital concept drawing (or drawings) for an Edible Landscape Plan that is suitable for your area.

    **This drawing is to be used only for education and inspiration, and is in no way a construction or a “sold” document.** This is a free service provided to accomplish the mission of “Growing Food to End Hunger”, and it is funded by loving donors like you.

    ELF is an Agricultural Education 501c3 that helps people learn how to use landscape as sustainable and supportive infrastructure, for both human and wildlife communities.

    Your information will not be sold, given away, or used for spam.

    EIN: 86-2707698

    Donate with Zelle: Elf@elf.garden